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"Munich Workshop"
CLUVA - Workshop on Ecological assessments of UTM's
Technical University of Munich - Freising-Weihenstephan
21st-28th of April 2012

- Workshop background
- Programme
- List of participants

Stephan Pauleit: Introduction to the workshop

UMT/City status reports
- Addis Ababa
- Dar Es Salaam
- Douala
- Ouagadougou
- Saint Louis

PhD presentations
- Bani Samari Saïdou: Vulnérabilité des systèmes naturels et humains aux changements climatiques dans le contexte urbain: stratégies  d’adaptation aux inondations dans la ville d’Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
- Deusdedit Kibassa: Adaptation Potentials of Green Structures to Urban Heat Island in Urban Morphological Types of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
- Florian Renner: Potential of urban forests to provide fuel wood for residents in African cities
- Tekle Woldegerima Kahsay: Climate Change and the Role of Urban Green Spaces and its Planning: The Case of Addis Ababa

UMT methodology and related assessments
- Sarah Lindley: Task 2.2 – What are UMTs and why use them? Progress and next stages
- Sarah Lindley: Task 2.2 – Land cover assessment. Method and outcomes from pilot work in Dar Es Salaam
- Gina Cavan: Climate regulating ecosystem services: Introduction to urban microclimates
- Florian Renner: Urban timber volume estimation. How to measure forests in urban areas with limited resources

- Andreas Printz: UMT’s as a tool for integrative assessment and planning for urban green infrastructure development
- Katja Buchta: Simulating city growth by Cellular Automates (example of Dar Es Salaam)
- Nathalie Jean-Baptiste: Task 2.3 - Assessing Social Vulnerability possibilities of interfaces and co-operations
- Patrik Karlsson Nyed: Task 3.2 - (Land Use)/Spatial Indicators of Vulnerable Communities
- Eric Traoré: Modeling Activity within T21 Framework