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The main objective of this workpackage is (1) to coordinate the application of the methodologies developed in WP1, WP2 and WP3 partly or totally to the 5 selected cities, (2) to exchange information on the possible difficulties in the implementation, (3) to provide feedback to the researchers to refine the models and (4) to make them as much general as possible. It also aims at organising in a coherent and cost effective ways contacts and workshops with the stakeholders and other city experts.
The selection of the cities has been based on the following criteria:
  1. the type of climate: tropical dry, tropical humid, sahelian, flipping climate;
  2. the geographical characteristic: coastal, estuary, inland, highland;
  3. the type of city: medium to large (megacities are excluded), modern or traditional African, mixed;
  4. the availability of local university to provide all the competences needed to run the case study;
  5. the official support of the city council to actively contribute by making experts available and by giving access to all relevant information.