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CLUVA Meetings
CLUVA Final Meeting
Addis Ababa
6-8 November 2013
Second Annual CLUVA Project Meeting
12-15 November 2012
Task 2.3 Social Vulnerability Assessment
Addis Ababa
9 October 2012
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Dar Es Salaam workshop and Stakeholder meeting
Dar Es Salaam
9-13 July 2012
CLUVA – Workshop on Ecological Assessment of UMT's
21st-28th April 2012
Dedicated page in "Dissemination/Results"
First Annual CLUVA Project Meeting
27-29 March 2012
CLUVA Workshop on Urban Participatory Climate Change Adaptation Appraisal Methodology, Social Vulnerability, Institutions and Governance
4-9th December 2011
Hosted by:
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ (Task 2.3)
Institutional collaboration from:
University of Manchester, Global Urban Research Centre - GURC
Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research - NIBR (Task 3.1)
Dedicated page in "Dissemination/Results"
Training on the job
“Training on the job” course on Multi Risk Assessment
24 October 2011-11 November 2011
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Dedicated page in "Dissemination/Results"
Dar Es Salaam
13-18 June 2011
Addis Ababa
8-10 June 2011
WP3 workshop
T3.1, T3.2
Tuesday 26th-Saturday 30th
WP2 workshop
T2.4 modelling vulnerabilities
Monday 25th April to Friday 29th April
Kick-off Meeting
from Sunday January 16th to Friday 21th